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Support us!

It is necessary to be able to offer Icelandic children Christian content on the Internet. Let's stand together and offer the children good, educational and fun content.

Producing quality content takes both a lot of work and money. Although most of the work is done by volunteers, some services have to be purchased from contractors, the operation of the website and other related matters. It is important to us to be good stewards, but no one has received a salary for the project in Iceland.

Get along us and help us build the Sunday school with financial support. It can be a single gift or once a month.​

Let's build the Sunday school together

The Sunday school is crowdfunded and your support helps children learn more about Jesus.

We're almost done with the 25 videos we decided to start with and have already covered the cost. The estimated cost of our next project is $4,000.

It's easiest to donate through PayPal. If you would rather transfer with a bank, please contact us via email. It's

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About the project

Let me tell you how the the project came by.

One morning I woke up to the cold fact that no Christian children's material in Icelandic was available online for free. That is unbelievable! I grew up going to Sunday school on the countryside and have great memories from there. It was always fun there! Puppets, teachings and games and Tralli the clown came for a visit from time to time.

Fewer and fewer children attend Sunday school, and so we see the consequences of COVID-19. Suddenly you weren't even allowed to go to church. I was left with a question: Why is there no Christian children's material in Icelandic available for free on the Internet? The opportunities are endless!


God put it on my heart to start producing Christian children's content with three goals:

It will be fun and/or interesting.

It will be free.

It will be on the Internet.

Here we are! ​

Yours in Christ,

Einar Aron Fjalarsson


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